• Allerta inPulse Smart Watch

    Miltera partnered with Allerta (a fellow Waterloo tech company) to develop DFM (design for manufacture) for the InPulse Smart Watch. This product is produced in our facility using a variety of state of the art manufacturing technologies.

  • Aluminum High Performance Boat Propeller

    This part was developed as a real-world part to demonstrate Miltera’s capability to machine custom racing boat propellers.  This part is a lightweight thin blade prop suitable for racing applications.  Contact us for more information

  • Track Day Race Car Suspension Upright #2

    This project was a simplified and lightened version of project #0017.  This part was designed to simplify manufacturing and also significantly reduce weight.

  • Race Car Steering Rack

    This is a high performance ultra lightweight steering rack assembly for a track day performance race car.  Typical of the steering racks used in Formula1, this steering rack uses a herringbone or double helical titanium pinion gear mated to a steel rack.  Due to the nature of the herringbone gear side loads are not transmitted during the operation of the gear so thrust bearings are not required.  Also a very small pinion can be used do the high torque transmitting capabilities of the design.  The aluminum pinion housing mates directly to an aluminum rack housing allowing adjustment of the gear to rack meshing.

  • Herringbone Gear Demo Part

    This is a demo part created to test the accuracy and efficiency of milling a herringbone gear and multiple rotary couplings while combining turning and milling in one setup.  This part was created from barstock in 2 setups using a Shunk Rota-S Plus high accuracy 3 jaw chuck.

  • Electric Motor Mount

    This is a prototype component made in a single setup.  This is an automotive component used in an electric vehicle conversion.

  • Rotax 2-Stroke Go-Cart Engine Cylinder Head...

    This part was an interesting challenge since the goal was to do all the ‘turning’ and milling on a 5-axis milling machine.  There were several critical concentricity and circularity callouts which posed a challenge as well as the deep cooling fins with 0 deg draft.

    Also note the complex water ports that can only be machined using simultaneous machining using a burr or lollipop cutter.  These features were programed using CAMplete Port.

  • Steam Turbine Segmented Stator

    Very difficult to cut material and extremely high tolerances created an extremely challenging project.  Tool selection was absolutely critical and Emuge endmills proved to be the right choice for the job.  Each blade segment (bucket) was milled to high tolerance to fit accurately when assembled into the final ring.  This component is in use in South Africa at a power generation station.

  • Crown Shift Knob

    This part was an interesting challenge since there are no flat surfaces to clamp to.  The raw material was faced, drilled & tapped on one side and then mounted to a pallet to complete the 5x machining in one setup.

  • Automatic Transmission Stator

    Extremely tight 5 axis machining required custom software solutions paired with CAMplete TruePath for vector tweaks, optimization, post-processing and simulation.  Mis-match between the upper and lower sides of the part were eliminated using custom probing cycles before each operation.

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