How does Miltera utilize REGO-FIX

"High-quality Toolholding Systems"


What is REGO-FIX?

REGO-FIX is a Swiss manufacturer of premium toolholding systems. Our holistic toolholding systems excel with extraordinary reliability, high precision and outstanding quality.

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powRgrip System

The powRgrip System provides excellent runout, high vibration dampening as well as easy and secure handling for demanding high-speed milling and drilling. Maximum clamping force and low runout, even after 20,000 tool changes.

Extraordinary Quality

All REGO-FIX products marked Swiss made are manufactured at their headquarters in Tenniken, Switzerland. REGO-FIX works together cross-culturally to engineer and manufacture innovative products. That is how they meet their customer's machining needs. Continuous investments in R&D lead to new product launches and push machining innovations further.

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and much more!

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