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Alicona uCMM

Alicona uCMM

The Alicona µCMM is the first purely optical CMM machine used to measure extremely tight tolerances with high accuracy. Combining the advantages of tactile coordinate measuring technology and optical surface measuring technology to measure the dimension, position, shape and roughness of components with only one sensor.


Measurement Principle: non-contact, three dimensional, based on Focus-Variation

Travel Speed of Axes: Up to 100 mm/s

9 Temperature Sensors, 3 Vibration Sensors


Multi Measurement = (0.8 + L/600) μm

Single Measurement = (0.15 + L/50) μm

Interested in learning more about Alicona

Check out Alicona's website for more information on the Alicona uCMM and much more!

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Check out the Alicona UCMM in action!

The robust measurement principle of Focus-Variation in combination with a vibration-isolating hardware enables the form and roughness measurement of also large and heavy components. All axes of InfiniteFocus are equipped with highly accurate encoders ensuring precise stage movement. 

Industries This Machine Serves

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Customer Electronics
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Located in our Nano-Scale Inspection Lab

Inspection Room

All of the products produced at Miltera flow through our state of the art inspection laboratory.  Located in the core of the building and isolated with airlocks, our laboratory is an ISO Class 5 clean room held to a nominal temperature of 20.00°C +/- 0.25°C and 50.0% +/- 5.0% relative humidity.  Particulate is controlled using 2 zones of HEPA filters.  Parts enter the inspection lab through our aclimitization chamber which allows for components to reach inspection temperature before entering the room.  This laboratory is home to our Zeiss Micura CMMZeiss Centermax CMM, and Alicona µCMM.

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