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The AgieCharmilles CUT 300 SP is the most versatile machine range on the market, capable of cutting 45° cones, and can do this whatever the height of the part. The principle of crossed double guiding of the X, Y, U and V axes independently and of the same dimensions, allows machining to be done with a large taper, thurs widening the scope of possible applications for wire spark erosion.


Travel (X,Y,Z): 549.9 x 349.8 x 400mm

Workpiece dimensions: 1200mm x 700mm x 400mm

GFMS Form P 350.jpeg

GFMS Form P 350

A compact C-axis construction, fixed table and cast iron frame offer stability and force reduction to maintain a precise spark gap between the part and electrode. Regardless of part weight or dielectric volume, the machines deliver consistently high accuracies and surface finishes of Ra 0.1µm. Integrated glass scales preserve repeatability and eliminate the need for recalibration and errors due to backlash and wear.


Travel (X,Y,Z): 350 × 250 × 300mm

Workpiece dimensions: 700 × 460 × 275mm

GFMS Drill 20

The high-speed drill DRILL 20 has an integrated rotating spindle. The axes X, Y and Z are motor powered and controlled by CNC. The cast-iron open-front frame construction guarantees optimum temperature stability. The data input on the operator console is quick and simple. Technology settings are selected automatically by material electrode/piece, piece height and electrode diameter.


Travel (X,Y,Z): 300 x 200 x 300 mm

Workpiece dimensions: 1340 x 910 x 1940 mm

GFMS Drill 20.jpeg

GFMS WorkPartner 1+

WorkPartner 1+ is intended for applications in milling machines, grinders, die-sinking EDM, wire EDM and laser machines, and it is just as effective with one-off manufacturing as with series production. The WorkPartner 1+ offers maximum magazine capacity in minimum floor space. Unlike many other solutions on the market, there is no risk of “painting yourself into a corner”


One, two or three magazine capability gives exceptionally flexible capacity.

The open architecture allows it to interconnect and serve different machines.

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