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GFMS Mikron HSM 400uLP #1

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GFMS Mikron HSM 400u LP #1

The Mikron HSM 400uLP (MILL S series) is a high performance linear motor 5-Axis machine.  Without ballscrews to hinder performance, the 400uLP is able to maintain precise adherence to the specified tool path even under extremely high feed rates.


Travel (X,Y,Z): 500 x 240 x 360mm

42,000 rpm HSK E40 Spindle​

80 m/min Linear Speed (3150 in/min)​

68 Tools

Control Unit - Heidenhain

M&H In-Process Touch Probe​

Interested in learning more about This Machine

Download the GFMS Mikron HSM 400U LP brochure for more details and specifications on this machine.

Miltera HSM 400u LP Machine Brocure

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Check out the Mikron HSM 400 U LP In Action

The Mikron HSM LP series from GF AgieCharmilles, which features a sophisticated thermal management system, was among the machines on display at GF AgieCharmilles's 2011 Technology Days held in June at its facility in Lincolnshire, Ill. The MIKRON HSM 400 LP and 400U LP is said to set a new milestone in regard to geometric stability that guarantees extremely high repeatability of movement guidance.

Industries This Machine Serves

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Customer Electronics
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Located in our High Volume Production Area

High volume production is handled in our main production

area. While not an ISO Class clean room, the temperature is held to a nominal temperature of 20.00°C +/- 1.5°C. The main feature of this area is our 4 machine GF System 3R robot cell feeding four 5-axis milling machines as well as our Zeiss GageMax shop floor CMM for in process inspection.

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