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CNC IMPellers

Most in the industry know us as the best CNC Impeller Manufacturer in North America. This is due to the immense  focus and drive we have to deliver the highest quality of engineering within our products.

Being industry leaders puts us in a position to innovate and provide better solutions to our customers. Utilizing our flite of high end precision CNC machines integrated within a robotic cell allows us to run light out, 24 hours a day.

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Impellers In all Types of Designs & Sizes

Miltera does not like to back down from a challenge! We strive to always find success in what we do. That goes for all products that we prototype, develop and ship.

We create over 30 different impellers of different shapes and sizes. This is achievable due to our robust engineering team as well as our capable arsenal of machinery at our finger tips.

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Why Choose Us?

What are the benefits of choosing us over our competitors? Apart from being ISO approved, we have an amazing workforce behind our production. Highly skilled individuals are behind very capable machines and it is this reason to why Miltera is so successful.

All parts manufactured are assigned a CMM certification identifying that it has passed all the required specifications.

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We are ISO Approved!

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State Of The Art Facility!

Our facility is over 30,000 sqft, and it sits on 3 acres of land. Strategically located to offer quick access to Highway 401 and Highway 24. 

We house 22 machines in different sections throughout our facility. These machines are located in our Nano-Scale Inspection lab, Micron-Precision Manufacturing Lab and our High Volume Production Area.

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