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GFMS Form P 350

GFMS Form P 350

A compact C-axis construction, fixed table and cast iron frame offer stability and force reduction to maintain a precise spark gap between the part and electrode. Regardless of part weight or dielectric volume, the machines deliver consistently high accuracies and surface finishes of Ra 0.1µm. Integrated glass scales preserve repeatability and eliminate the need for recalibration and errors due to backlash and wear.


Travel (X,Y,Z): 350 × 250 × 300mm

Workpiece dimensions: 700 × 460 × 275mm

Interested in learning more about GFMS

Check out GFMS website for more information on the Form P 350 and much more!

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How does Miltera utilize the GFMS Form P 350

Check Out The Form P 350 in Action!

The AgieCharmilles FORM P sinker EDM solution takes the management of deep ribs to new levels of respect for details of form and surface finishing while advancing manufacturers’ cost efficiency and machining speed.

Industries This Machine Serves

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Customer Electronics
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Located in our Micron-Precision Manufacturing Lab

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Miltera's Micron-Precision Manufacturing Lab is an ISO Class 5 clean room housing our most accurate Milling, Grinding, Turning and EDM equipment. Parts requiring the tightest of tolerances are manufactured here while passing through our Zeiss CMM for in-process inspection. Temperature is held to a nominal temperature of 22.0°C +/- 0.75°C and 50.0% +/- 5.0% relative humidity. Particulate is controlled using 2 zones of HEPA filters fed off of low level ducted returns.

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