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GFMS Mikron Mill P 800 u ST​

GFMS Mikron Mill P 800 u ST​

The Mikron Mill P 800u ST is a unique machine combining dynamic 5-axis milling with simultaneous turning capability at up to 800rpm. The combination of milling and turning technology in a single machine achieves optimal productivity, accuracy and cost effectiveness. Being able to fully machine components on a single machine eliminates transfer-related part runout and errors and increases finished part quality.  Due to its stable construction and directly drive chilled rotary and tilt axis circular and swiveling axes, the Mikron Mill P 800 U ST can be used for anything from heavy roughing work to precise finishing work.


Travel (X,Y,Z): 800 x 800 x 500mm

20,000 rpm HSK T63 with CTS

800 rpm C-Axis Turning

45 m/min Linear Speed

Blum Laser Tool Measurement​

M&H In-Process Touch Probe​

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Check out GFMS website for more information on the Mikron MillP 800UST and much more!

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How does Miltera utilize the GFMS Mikron Mill P 800 U ST

Check out the GFMS Mikron Mill P 800 U ST U In Action!

Mikron MILL P 800 U ST (simultaneous turning) is a solution based on the successful Mikron HPM 800U. The gantry concept provides the perfect conditions for high precision and optimal work piece surfaces.

Industries This Machine Serves

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Customer Electronics
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Located in our High Volume Production Area

High Volume Production Area.png

High volume production is handled in our main production

area. While not an ISO Class clean room, the temperature is held to a nominal temperature of 20.00°C +/- 1.5°C. The main feature of this area is our 4 machine GF System 3R robot cell feeding four 5-axis milling machines as well as our Zeiss GageMax shop floor CMM for in process inspection.

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