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Markforged Mark Two

Markforged Mark Two

Print Continuous Carbon Fiber reinforced parts on your desktop – stiff, strong, extremely durable, and capable of replacing machined aluminum. A unibody aluminum chassis and precision-machined components deliver lights-out reliability over thousands of print hours. Print precise parts with best-in-class surface finish thanks to Onyx, Markforged’s extremely versatile micro carbon fiber filled nylon material.


Printing Process: Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR)

Z Layer Resolution: 100 μm - 200 μm

Printing Media: Composite Base Filaments, Continuous Fibers

Closed Cell Infill with continuous fiber reinforcement

Precision Ground Composite Printing bed

Interested in learning more about Markforged

Check out Markforged website for more information on the Mark Two and much more!

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How does Miltera utilize the Markforged Mark Two

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Check Out The Markforged Mark Two in Action!

  • Five-axis pioneer with best configuration for mold and die

  • Fastest HSM solution on the market

  • High precision, best surface finish over long machining processes

  • Integrated Automation and measuring system

Industries This Machine Serves

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Customer Electronics
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Medical-Demo-Transp - Copy.png

Located in our Micron-Precision Manufacturing Lab

Micron-Precision Manufacturing Lab.jpg

Miltera's Micron-Precision Manufacturing Lab is an ISO Class 5 clean room housing our most accurate Milling, Grinding, Turning and EDM equipment. Parts requiring the tightest of tolerances are manufactured here while passing through our Zeiss CMM for in-process inspection. Temperature is held to a nominal temperature of 22.0°C +/- 0.75°C and 50.0% +/- 5.0% relative humidity. Particulate is controlled using 2 zones of HEPA filters fed off of low level ducted returns.

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