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Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing

From short run production to fully automated large run production. Our integrated robot cell allows us to run, wash and measure parts 100% unmanned throughout the night and weekends.

We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. All guests must check in at the front desk. All parts are stored in a locked and unmarked room to ensure our customers protection.

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Automotive Industry

What do we provide the automotive industry? We provide thousands of private label impeller parts to different distributors across North America.

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We Also Offer


Prototyping is what we do best. Our innovation and expertise keep us unrivaled in our ability to effectively transform any part from print, so that we can passionately deliver the prototype pieces our customers need to bring their visions to life


As our name suggests, we’re passionate about Research and Development to optimize our existing processes and further expand our capabilities. We believe that once it can be measured, it can be improved, and so we strive to find new solutions to continue to challenge and advance the industry at large


Our sub-micron Zeiss CMM’s gives us the leading edge when it comes to measurement capabilities. Our equipment and techniques are unmatched in our field, as we confidently inspect even the most complex of parts with ease and skill

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