Turn key


Turnkey applications involves:

  • Product Design Optimization for weight, stiffness, ease of manufacture

  • DFM (Design for Manufacture)

  • Tool Path Development and Optimization

  • Developing Processes

  • Tooling Selection

  • Post Processes Verification

  • Collision and Gauge Detection

We Also Offer

Private Label Manufacturing

We offer full private-label manufacturing. From short run production to fully automated large run production. Our integrated robot cell allows us to run, wash and measure parts 100% unmanned throughout the night and weekends. 


Prototyping is what we do best. Our innovation and expertise keep us unrivaled in our ability to effectively transform any part from print, so that we can passionately deliver the prototype pieces our customers need to bring their visions to life



Our duo of sub-micron Zeiss CMM’s gives us the leading edge when it comes to measurement capabilities. Our equipment and techniques are unmatched in our field, as we confidently inspect even the most complex of parts with ease and skill

About us

Miltera was formed in 2007 to bring together top engineering talent with the latest technology to serve as the premier prototype and advanced manufacturing facility. Miltera specializes in rapid prototyping, short-run production and turn-key applications in the most demanding and ultra-precision applications 

Contact info

Address: 60 Struck Ct, Cambridge Ontario, N1R 8L2

Phone: 1.519.725.2554

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